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List of Sharing Service URLs

The Send To button in The Old Reader is a handy feature that allows you to send the title and address of a post to a service of your choice. You can enable different services on your settings page within the "Social" tab.

Below is a list of some common sharing urls for different sharing services. There's a whole lot of them not listed here. If you know one not listed here, and feel warm and fuzzy when helping others, just email us at and we'll add it at our earliest convenience.

  • App.Net:{title}+%{url}
  • Delicious:{url}&title=%{title}
  • Diigo:{url}&title=%{title}
  • Flipboard:{title}&url=%{url}
  • Gmail for iOS: googlegmail:///co?subject=%{title}&body=%{url}
  • Hacker News:{url}&t=%{title}
  • Instapaper:{url}&title=%{title} 
  • Kippt:{url}&title=%{title}
  • LinkBoard:{url}
  • Pinboard:{url}&title=%{title} 
  • Pinterest:{url}
  • Plurk:{title}%20%{url}
  • Pocket:{url}&title=%{title}
  • Reddit:{url}&title=%{title}

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