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    Eduardo Miranda shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    AdminThe Old Reader (Admin, The Old Reader) responded  · 

    There’s now a subscription management page that allows you to unsubscribe from/move your subscriptions. You can get there by clicking on “Subscriptions” in the user name dropdown in the upper right.


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      • Richard Mitnick commented  · 

        How can I alphabetize my feeds. They are way out of order and I want them to be in alphabetical order.

      • Missey J commented  · 

        Having lots of stufffeeds to read through speedily and more efficiently an arrangement using a hierarchical tree or folder nesting-type structure would more easily facilitate this for me. Having different colored folders is another great option.

      • Lisa H. commented  · 

        Wow, I'm disappointed there apparently hasn't been any movement on this in more than a year and a half.

        Is there anywhere we can find out what, if any, features or enhancements Old Reader staff *are* working on?

      • Cat Winterfox commented  · 

        I'm just going to second pretty much everything here. I especially would love to be able to assign a folder as I add a feed. Sort options would also be fabulous.

      • AdminThe Old Reader (Admin, The Old Reader) commented  · 

        S - In settings, if you uncheck "Show only those folders/feeds that have unread items" you will see all folders and all subscriptions, whether or not they have unread items.

      • S commented  · 


        There's no way to see my "empty" folders - ones with feeds but the feeds don't have any unread articles.

        How in the world am I supposed to organize my feeds in my folders, if there's no way to see these empty folders to drop the feed into?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would like to be able add new feeds directly to a folder rather than making them add each feed and then move it to a folder. For the first time I added a new feed to my existing feeds and it was cumbersome to have to drag the new feed to the right folder. I would prefer to be allowed to selected the destination folder once I add the new feed. I have 30+ and so folder (with multiple feeds inside) so it can easily take several minutes to drag the new element into the right folder.

      • Eduardo Miranda commented  · 

        I don't know what would be less time-consuming work for them:
        1- nesting folders, or
        2- tags as folders
        but either one would allow to manage/view subscriptions in more or less fine-grained grouping

      • YaaL commented  · 

        Unless I'm missing something completely, it's not possible to find which folder is a feed assigned to (for example - if you search for something and click on the feed).
        It's quite annoying, especially when you're trying to organise your feeds and accidentally drop one in the wrong place - very easy if you have 20+ folders and the destination folder is currently out of view and you have to scroll to reach it.

      • amireza commented  · 

        how i can rename folders?

      • Deborah commented  · 

        iPhone and iPad have no drag and drop. Provide a simple and fast way to reorder feeds on devices without drag and drop!

      • kraeger commented  · 

        please improve feed management ! dragging is a nightmare :-(

      • Frank commented  · 

        folder colors & greyed out ones that have been read would be awesome.

      • fr4n commented  · 

        alphabetical order, please!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I'd like to be able to delete multiple feeds in one go. I don't think it's possible right now?

      • Juan Lopez commented  · 

        hi, how do you delete a subscription?

      • Matoro commented  · 

        I do like the idea of color coding. It would be easier on the eyes and easy to track stuff.

      • Eren commented  · 

        Note that number 3 and 4 above are already in "completed" state.

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