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Import starred.json from Google Reader's Takeout

Within the zip file that Google's Takeout provides there is a starred.json file available. i think lifehacker mentioned a way of turning them into HTML to make them bookmarks but his does not "gel with current workflows". I have no idea if in implementing googles reader api this comes as part of it - that is if you do implement their api. Maybe feedburner will be terminated after reader is shutdown so here is two website with a list of alternatives:



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    Glen Skinner shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Steve Wagner commented  · 

        I that really still a thing? Google Reader is dead for a while now. So couldnt we remove this and vote for better things?

      • Val commented  · 

        Also make it possible to manually add starred/bookmarks URL

      • montuos commented  · 

        Anonymous: On most systems, if you doubleclick the Takeout file, it will open in the default zip/unzip utility. If it doesn't, then look for some kind of zip entry in your start menu under accessories, or programs, or utilities and open the Takeout file with that.

        Once it is open in the zip utility, you want to extract the file. It will be nested inside a folder structure like yourname@gmail.com-takeout\Reader\subscriptions.xml . You can either select to extract only that file, or you can extract the entire thing and then navigate to the file from the import process when you run it from the website.

        Make sure you pay attention to where you extract it so you will be able to find it again for the import!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        but how in the hell do you get that zip file to open and inport tnto the old reader.I am not that computer savey and donot under how to make the transfer work.

      • Hellmark commented  · 

        This would be appreciated too. The lack of starred article import is one of the main reasons why I haven't switched to TOR.

      • Franck Arnaud commented  · 

        And export as well once import is done (this is valuable data, more valuable than the list of feeds for many people I would think, and it would be unacceptable if it's taken hostage by a service provider).

      • Morgan commented  · 

        Its a shame, the fact that it is not a feature already is probably going to be a deal breaker for me. But otherwise, fantastic work, well done.

      • M O commented  · 

        +1 for this. I have a lot of starred items that I will be losing, and will have to look for another reader if I cannot import them

      • Nathan Baker commented  · 

        Personally, I really like the Pocket integration in The Old Reader. I think this works really well as a "Starred Items" replacement. Maybe this request should actually be directed to the Pocket team?

      • nakomaru commented  · 

        Not just starred/liked as liked, but shared.json as shared as well, please!

      • Gotzon Astondoa commented  · 

        A +1 for this.
        I also have a lot of starred posts on Google Reader.

      • Tim Jukes commented  · 

        A +1 for this - I've got a lot of starred posts on Google Reader - be nice if they changed into 'Likes' on the old reader when imported

      • Superuser commented  · 

        Hell yes. There's brilliant JSON parsers out there, this is not hard at all, especially when you write in a nice language like Ruby. Absolutely support this.

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