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    “Refresh all feeds” button can only work in a reasonable amount of time for users that have a very small number of feeds (10-15 at most). An additional requirement will be for RSS feeds that are refreshed to serve their XML files very quickly.

    Please keep in mind that voting for this feature, you automatically vote for imposing a very low limit of feed count per user.

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    Threnodi commented  · 

    I'm also surprised how many people seem to expect a small team donating a service for the general good out of their own kindness being compared to the resources of a monolith like Google.
    That said, I like the idea of a paid account option for fast updates, though it would be nice (if the load was feasable) for more than one person to chip in on a server. If a group of friends did it together maybe they could even keep the social aspects between them?
    I also like the idea of each person getting maybe 3 to 5 (or some realistic number) of feeds they can select for quicker refresh, so i.e. that person with the bargain site of one-day deals could find those in time, but news and such could be viewed whenever at a slower update rate.
    Personally I use it for webcomics, and I want to thank you guys so much for giving us such a well built alternative with Google throwing in the towel. Sure, it would be nice and all if magically the updates were as regular, but honestly I'm just glad there's an alternative that's as good as this one is. Thank you!!

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